Saturday, 31 December 2011

WelCum 2012 !!

This night , everyone from all over the country is celebrating for New Year of 2012!!
For sure many of the people is outing for the Countdown Party, right~
I wanna tell everyone that this is my first time going for the Concert Countdown Party!!
It fun but i have to take care of my brother too~ FUUUUUUUUUsss~ that was tired 
run here , run there, everywhere and I the one that have to chase after her. 
In 2011 for me , that is a great year b'cause I did may thing for the first time , example like going for the Concert Countdown Party!!!
 In this whole year of 2011, many people will through sweet , sour and  pain and ...etc
So do I am .
That all I gonna say.
+++ GOOD BYE 2011 and WELCOME FOR 2012!! +++
✰∇❤  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!  ❤∇✰

For the last thing let have a countdown with me!!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

☹ Judge from inside not outside ☹

Here i got a friend.
She's name is Xin ke.
Those ppl that dunno her thought she is like a gengster .
Actually, after all she is same class with me than i only know that she wasn't like what those ppl say.
She is a funny girl but if u make she angry u're toast !!
I warn u already~

Xin ke ,don't get angry on me ok~


Monday, 26 December 2011

☺ŴħäŦ Ħåppęŋ ☹

Am I too boring or what ??
No one here...
Leaving me alone ,
left me alone ..

We always alone in our life, we have to face these neither now or up coming days..
We living in our own dream , life , etc.
We do all the thing alone.
alone  N alone N alone N alone
Always Alone..


We can't hate our parent.
What we have to do is think that this a test for us .
It testing us and see neither we can accept it or not. 
No mater what happen to u,u will always love your parent.
No matter what your parent do ,neither it wrong or right
u'll always thinking and u'll always care your parent. 
That is the power of LOVE.
LOVE is more powerful than what u think.

B'cause when u love your parent ,they'll always in your heart.
And when u hate your parent , they'll always  in your mind.

✦ Birdy ✦

I just captured this birdy photo few day ago.
This birdy got 8 colour on it body.
This is a beautiful bird i ever see.
It awesome !!

I think this bird is injured but i hope it will get well soon! 

Bye Bye colourful birdy !!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

❤ Daddy N Mammy Anniversary Dinner on Christmas night ❤

This two person is my beloved parent 
I LOVE Them soooooooo x100000000000 much.
It is my Daddy N Mammy Anniversary.
Always Happy N Forever Happy N Forever Together.
Daddy , Mammy you both are "The King" N "The Queen" on four of us heart. And also "The Apple" on our eye.

We LOVE You Daddy Mammy More than anything in the world!!
MUakXXsszzzzZ !!!

Selling ☞ Flower

My Grandmother is selling this flower for Chinese New Year.
Anyone that interesting with it can go to "Pasar SS2,PJ" there.

This type of flower not only use for Chinese New Year b'cause it also can use on wedding ,moving to new house,etc.

Small ☞ RM 20

Medium ☞ RM48

Big ☞RM 60 - 70

My Grandma Phone Number is 0129188841.
Thank you for your support.